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  • AG娱乐下载 走出国门的靠前单
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2009年浙江AG娱乐下载 玻璃公司正式成立外贸部,让我们的产品走出国门开拓国外市场。经过几个月的努力,我们的业务人员终于接到了靠前个外贸业务订单。与韩国M.K公司签订了一份防火玻璃的供货合同,虽然订单数量不大,却是意义非凡,因为这是我们公司有自主进出口权后,靠前笔由我们公司直接与国外客户签订合同并办理的出口业务,也是我们的产品走向国际市场的开始,为今后更好地开拓国际市场奠定了基础,树立了信心。相信在未来的时间里,我们的产品将会越来越多的受到国外客户地青睐,也将为我们公司开辟一片更为广阔的市场,我们相信AG娱乐下载 玻璃必将走向辉煌。

In 2009, Zhejiang Xixi glass company formally established the Ministry of foreign trade, so that our products could go abroad and open up foreign markets. After months of efforts, our business people finally received the first foreign trade order. A contract of supply of fireproof glass was signed with M.K company of South Korea. Although the number of orders is small, it is of great significance, because it is the first time that our company has the right to import and export, the first contract and export business of our company directly with the foreign customers, and the beginning of our products to the international market. It lays the foundation for further developing international market and establishes confidence. We believe that in the future time, our products will be more and more popular with foreign customers, and will open up a wider market for our company. We believe that Xixi glass will be going to a brilliant future.